Sunday, October 31, 2010

Politicians, are you listening???

Halloween isn't the only frightening day out there, so is Election Day! Red, Blue, Purple, Green.... are any of you Politico's listening to "we the people"?? You know, those of us who VOTE.......... and collectively choose whether or NOT to employ you?? We aren't the big lobbyist. We aren't the Unions. We aren't Corporate America. We are simply masses of people who are very UNHAPPY with many of you, most of the time. Please do NOT continue to ignore us, try to hear us. As a small business owner of a physical therapy clinic, you are fiscally burying us with proposed Medicare cuts, insurance mandates, high premiums, ruthless credit card lenders, fearful bankers, high taxes, and so on .........

Please try to reach across the aisle and get something done; try to listen to the constituents; try to simply be moderate with special interests, Unions and Corporate America. Truly practice what you all preach and live a life consistent with your voting........ try to walk in our shoes...... they are a bit broken down and unpolished, but at this rate they will have to sustain us for at least another 2 years.