Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mentoring private practitioners--mission, passion or exploitation?

Sadly I have been receiving input from physical therapists and other practitioners interested in attempting private practice saying that they are being told it would cost ~$500 per hour (minimum) to meet with a therapist to discuss private practice. Seriously, we don't have to give away all of our hard earned company or trade secrets, but shouldn't we mentor these folks a bit as part of our passion or mission for making this a sustainable profession?? Yes, I know there are folks who try to bleed us dry with information, but our professional responsibility is to guide them towards educational options regarding business coaching, professional seminars, accountant and lawyer selections, electronic records, etc.

I would hate for us to be short sighted and fail to nurture newcomers to the healthcare field, and worse yet, hate to see a financial exploitation of newcomers be a means to our end.