Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Medicare, NOT! Mediscrew, Yep......

Okay folks, Medicare in 2011 is going to eat Seniors and Healthcare clinics alive. Sadly, if these cuts go into effect, most clinics will be forced to STOP taking as many Medicare patients. Doctors will simply drop out "at will", while therapists (PT, OT, SLP) will be forced to stop seeing Medicare patients until legislation changes so they too can drop out "at will".

Congress, wake up and take a real hard look at the potential consequences of your actions. The punitive Medicare Cap will continue, but we don't have a figure yet. The Exceptions process for complicated patient diagnoses will stop, so once the Cap is reached you must either stop your care, pay out-of-pocket or convince your secondary insurer to pay. The physician's fee schedule will reimburse less. Paperwork requirements will increase due to the need for "data mining" in order to justify future reimbursement cuts. And the real "WINNER" here is the cascading reimbursement reductions that will virtually destroy healthcare as we know it...... essentially forcing 50% penalties on practitioners who dare spend more that 22 minutes performing any type of therapy on a patient.

Write Congress and CMS/Medicare now........ before it is too late and discourage other insurers from following the Medicare path. Thanks.